Mobile Banking Services and Privacy Policy


  • Bank: SUCO SOUHARDA SAHAKARI BANK LTD. Registered under KSSAct 1997, having its head office at MokaRoad BALLARI, Karnataka.
  • Account: Account at the Bank which has been registered for mobile banking facility.
  • Username: Username for the Customer allocated by the Bank.
  • Password: Login password generated for the 1st time from the Bank, but changed by the user after 1st login.
  • MPIN : Mobile Personal Identification Number (Transaction Password) set by the user after first login.
  • OTP : one time password, randomly generated during transactions.
  • Mobile number : Mobile number that has been linked to the customer account at the branch and used by customer to register for the facility.

Applicability of terms & conditions and privacy policy.

  • By registering to mobile banking services the customer thereby agrees to the terms & conditions set by bank for availing such facility. The terms and conditions are subject to amendments time to time.
  • The user agrees that by using his Password, Mpin and OTP he is originator and authenticator of the electronic transaction and he is solely responsible for the transactions and it consequences.
  • The customer is solely responsible for maintenance of the secrecy and confidentiality of the user credentials.
  • The user credentials and OTP usage are deemed to be Authentication for transactions.
  • The first time Password should be changed immediately by customer.
  • Mpin is set by the customer after first login.
  • The transaction originated from mobile phones are non-retractable since they are happening in real time.
  • RTGS / NEFT transactions are subjected to bank’s authentication hence there may be time lag up to 2hr to 3hr
  • The RTGS/NEFT transactions are subject to timings and holidays as applicable time to time from Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
  • The upper limit for IMPS transactions is Rs. 2,00,000 / per transaction. There is no such upper limit for RTGS or NEFT.
  • It is responsibility of the customer to inform the bank of any loss/theft of mobile phone and change of mobile number.
  • The fees and charges are applicable as fixed by the bank and are subject to change time to time.
  • The mobile application shall not save or store any data except customer ID and name and profile image.
  • All the communication from mobile application is through secured channels.
  • In consideration of the bank providing these facilities, the customer agrees to indemnify and hold bank harmless against all actions, claims, demands, proceedings, loss, damages, costs, charges and expenses which the bank may at any time incur. The customer shall indemnify the bank for unauthorized access by any third party to any information/instruction/triggers given by the customer or breach of confidentiality.